The following are the services that are available at the clinic

  • Orthopedic and Sports Therapy   

  • Worker’s Compensation/Industrial Rehabilitation/Occupational Injuries

  • Balance Training, Fall Prevention, Vertigo/Vestibular Treatment, Balanced-Based Torso Weighting

  • Lymphedema Treatment

  • Geriatric Therapy

  • Pediatrics: Ortho, Neuro and Developmental

  • Spine Rehabilitation including complex problems

  • Functional Tone Management Arm Training Program featuring the SaeboFlex Orthosis

  • Neurological Rehabilitation

  • Biofeedback Training and Education

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations and Work Hardening

  • Ergonomic Evaluations and Training

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Chronic Pain/CRPS/RSD/Fibromyalgia Treatment        

  • Hand Therapy, Splinting  

  • Electrotherapy:  TENS, NMS, interferential, H-wave, microcurrent

  • Phototherapy: Infrared Therapy/Laser Therapy

  • Certified Massage Therapy 

  • Myofascial Decompression (cupping)

Anodyne Therapy

Light therapy that reduces swelling and pain as well as speeding up the natural healing process

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Solaris/ Infrared Therapy

Light therapy that reduces swelling and pain as well as speeding up the natural healing process

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser Therapy is a proven treatment method to provide accelerated pain relief and healing. It is safe, easy to use, drug-free, non-invasive and effective. The devices use a hand held emitter (or hands-free armature) and painless light is applied according to specific protocols for the given


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Balanced-Based Torso Weighting

BalanceWear® is a totally new, wearable “counter-balancing” orthosis that helps control balance and improves mobility in many people. Positive research evidence demonstrates same-session improvements in both Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease. BalanceWear® will improve balance and mobility in the setting of most balance disorders regardless of the actual cause of the imbalance problem.

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The comprehensive program consists of working with the device both here in the clinic, and once the patient is trained, at home as well.  Usual treatment times in the device are 45 minutes at a time.  Usually a patient who was not able to grasp and release a ball without the device, can usually begin grasping and releasing exercises within the first treatment session with the device.  Patients can usually see a reduction in tone and an improvement in arm function in a few weeks with consistent and regular use of the device in the clinic and at home.

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Ergonomic Services

Onsite visits by Sandy Schall, PT.   Call for pricing and scheduling.  Can be billed to worker’s comp if  a claim is in place, and preauthorization is obtained. 

Services include:

· Evaluate the individual’s current workstation setup.

· Recommend and assist with adjustments to better fit the workstation to the individual.

· Provide education/handouts in body mechanics, posture and correct ergonomics to the individual.

· Suggest possible alternative solutions for the current setup.

· Provide vendor information for solutions recommended by the therapist.

· Prepare a written report of findings.


Group rates available, call or email for pricing and scheduling.

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Ergonomic Education of Employees


Onsite educational seminar provided to a group, by Sandy Schall, PT, call for pricing and scheduling.

Can be done in conjunction with workstation assessments for a group.